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The Inside Scoop:

Dr. Kate Flynn works with spiritual seekers on the path to growth and enlightenment. She knows that we can sometimes be our own worst enemy even though we know there’s more to life than working to pay the bills just to survive. Dr. Kate offers a way off of the hamster wheel and into a life where we may truly thrive.

What is Activating Ascension?

Activating Ascension is a collection of tips, tools, and techniques to raise consciousness through reconnection with the divine power that connects us all as one. Dr. Kate combines chiropractic, nutrition, personal coaching, classes and workshops, and a line of self-help products to assist in reestablishing our collective and personal connections with physical health, personal hopes and dreams, each other, and to Source.

heart centered living

Living from the Heart

Imagine a life that doesn’t have to be so hard. A life that you are happy to live instead of one you are struggling to survive. Sure, it will have its ups and downs, but the edges will be softened and grace-filled. This is what happens when your ego is placed in the back seat and your heart is in command.

healing from the heart

Healing from the Heart

What if healing your life actually begins by healing your thoughts? What if true healing comes from unbecoming who you were never meant to be until the only thing left is who you really are? Healing comes through authenticity. Your authentic self is beautiful. He or she has been patiently awaiting discovery in your heart. Find him or her now.

Happiness woman enjoy on grass with flower all around head.

 Creating from the Heart

Many are having great difficulty in manifesting. Previously, we were able to create our deepest desires based on our free will choices. As we make the conscious decision to ascend, the channels through which we manifest our shifting. All that is out of alignment with our heart’s true purpose is being roadblocked. It’s time to learn to create within the new paradigm.

“Miracles happen every day. I believe they rain down around us, waiting for us to claim them. This is your moment. This is your miracle.” ~ Dr. Kate Flynn